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An amplitude of sustainability benefits - a glossary of our icons

Pure Organic Cotton

Absolutely no chemical pesticides, artificial fertilisers or genetic modification are used in the organic cultivation of cotton. There are therefore no negative impacts on soils and bodies of water or flora and fauna, biodiversity is promoted. Healthier cultivation areas store moisture much more effectively, which significantly reduces water consumption. The fibres of the organic cotton have longer staples. This makes the resulting fabric longer-lasting and more durable. In addition, regional value creation means that the development of local economic communities is strengthened. In short, organic cotton is better for the land, agricultural workers and your well-being.

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Made With 40% Less Water

A great deal of water is required for growing cotton – often in arid regions. Organic cotton is a resource-friendly alternative. Genetically modified plants requiring a large amount of water are thus banned. Organic cultivation takes place on a thicker humus layer, which is naturally better able to store moisture. In contrast, conventional irrigation methods lead to salination and erosion of the soil. Organic cultivation also protects against this with efficient drip irrigation. Overall, these effects reduce water consumption by 40%.

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100% Climate Neutral Product

People around the world now agree that we urgently need to counteract human-induced climate change. This is why we have had the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our company’s activities measured and offset by purchasing a total of 19,875 climate protection certificates for 2020 and 2021. With these certificates, we are supporting a UN hydroelectric power project in Uganda. Greenhouse gases are distributed evenly in the atmosphere. As a result, it was set down in the Kyoto Protocol, which is binding under international law, to prevent emissions wherever the costs are most economical. Projects in emerging and developing countries also contribute towards improving the economic, social and ecological situation and help to achieve the United Nations Sustainability Goals. We have received the awards “climate-neutral company” and “climate-neutral products” for the offsetting of our greenhouse gases.

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Sustainably Made In Europe

As a German family company founded in 1960, we have strong roots in our region, Bergisches Land, near Cologne. We are the leading European specialist for men’s trousers and manufacture at our own European production centre. Our promise “Quality in every detail!” not only commits us to manufacture first-class products. Consistent sustainability is also a firmly anchored value and a central quality feature for us. MEYER. Sustainable, European, Fair.

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Fair & Transparent Supply Chain

The sustainable use of environmentally correct raw materials takes priority at MEYER. This is why we choose our suppliers carefully in the preliminary stages and thus also the materials that we process. We ensure fair and environmentally-friendly working conditions within our own European production facilities. The independent certification of MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® confirms this. Which is why all of our trousers are: MANUFACTURED WITH MATERIALS TESTED FOR HARMFUL SUBSTANCES MANUFACTURED IN SAFE AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE WORKPLACES MANUFACTURED IN ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY BUSINESSES

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Wonderful Natural Fibre Characteristics

Nature is unparalleled in its ability to produce fibres with impressive properties. Natural fibres are, among other things, breathable, robust, water- and dirt-repellent, regulate heat and moisture, and much more. Last but not least, they are absolutely sustainable as they grow back again and biodegrade at the end of their life cycle. Good reasons to wear natural fibres – just as humans have done for thousands of years.

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Easy Care & Exceptional Comfort

Our trousers offer you exceptional comfort. The high elasticity of the fabric makes the trousers pleasantly comfortable. And they are easy to look after. After machine washing, you can simply hang the trousers up to dry. There is no need for ironing – these fabrics have a very low tendency to crease.

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Water & Stain Repellant

This fabric gains its impressive properties thanks to an environmentally-friendly method using nanotechnology. The fabric is breathable and regulates moisture but also repels water and stains.Even after up to ten normal domestic washes.

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Non-Fade & Colourfast

Modern, environmentally-friendly dyes ensure that our trousers offer excellent colourfastness. The fabrics are also protected from the effects of light, especially the large proportion of UV light in sunlight. Colour brilliance is preserved, even after up to ten normal domestic washes.

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Keeps You Warm In Colder Months

These trousers offer the best protection against cold, wet and windy conditions for those who are out on cold winter days. An insulating layer traps the air to ensure extremely effective heat regulation. At the same, the trousers remain breathable and regulate moisture.

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Fairtrade Certified Cotton

All of the cotton has been grown by Fairtrade producers and certified and traded according to Fairtrade standards. Fairtrade promotes better working and living conditions for cotton producers as well as environmental protection. The Fairtrade model enables fairer trading conditions and effective regulations to strengthen participating companies and communities. Part of the purchase price of Fairtrade cotton is invested in regional development projects that have a social and ecological, i.e. sustainable, orientation. More info:

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We already offer transparency in our supply chain. Using a unique product ID on our trousers, you can trace back to precisely where the item was produced. We thus give you assurance that our trousers have been produced in an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible manner. The MADE IN GREEN label gives you assurance that the textile product has been tested for over 300 harmful substances in environmentally-friendly businesses and in safe and socially acceptable workplaces. Simply scan the QR code with a smartphone and find out more. A map shows you where the individual production steps for making the trousers took place. And it’s easier for you to make a sustainable purchase decision.

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Coolmax® EcoMade

Coolmax® Ecomade is made from 100% recycled resources and thus protects the environment. The Coolmax® system is known for its effective moisture management with optimum breathability. The moisture is quickly transported to the outside, where it can evaporate. This evaporative effect allows the fabric to dry very quickly. It thus stays cool and is also soft, lightweight and comfortable.

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Thermolite® EcoMade

Thermolite® Ecomade is made from 100% recycled resources and thus protects the environment. The Thermolite system offers heat and comfort with a low weight – even when wet! Hollow fibres trap the air to ensure very effective insulation. Thermolite also dries much faster than other artificial fibre or cotton materials. This means you will feel nice and warm, even on cold days.

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