Bermudas and shorts

Bermudas and shorts

Summer is just round the corner! Our stylish shorts are the perfect companion for the warm season. Whether you go for ¾-length capri shorts, cargo shorts or bermudas, shorts are really popular and, as far as many men are concerned, an absolute must-have for the holiday wardrobe. The wide choice of modern colours, fits and materials makes these bermudas genuine all-rounders for your style: with the right accessories, your outfit can look both casual and elegant. Be inspired by our high-quality bermuda shorts to create exciting summer looks.

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Men’s shorts: shorts and Bermudas by MEYER

What makes you think of summer? Cosy barbecue evenings with friends, a visit to a beer garden, a trip to the seaside… when the hot season comes knocking at the door, lots of men go in for shorts. Wind on the skin is so welcome to cool off on hot days and you get a nice summer tan on your legs as a neat side-effect. This year, MEYER offers an especially wide range of stylish bermudas.
The right shorts for every occasion - bermudas in every shape and colour

Our range has the right bermudas for every occasion. Our sporty M|5 denim shorts are great for a relaxed stroll through the city, for example. The subtle worn effects, created by hand, give the shorts a masculine look. Somewhat sharper but just as relaxed are our cotton bermudas, which come in plain or with exciting prints. Are you the active type? Do you like to go on long walks or hikes? For this we recommend our new cargo bermudas. Thanks to the super stretch fabric, the shorts guarantee the ultimate in comfort for hours on end and large side pockets provide enough space to accommodate a wide range of items. In early summer, the evenings turn fresh pretty quickly – and on days like this, our ¾-length capri bermudas are worth their weight in gold. What all our shorts have in common is comfort – we value perfect fits and use stretchy, durable fabrics for our bermudas.

Show a leg – but do it right!

It’s not hard to stylishly accessorise a pair of bermudas – if you know how. The popular “sandals with white socks” combo might be practical but should be avoided on aesthetic grounds. Our shorts look better teamed with a pair of trainers, boat shoes or penny loafers – they are just as comfortable and bang on trend. The perfect shorts finish around a few inches above the knee. If your shorts are too long, you don’t have to have them shortened – just roll them up. This looks summery and modern. And what do you wear on top? You can’t go far wrong with a loose shirt, T-shirt or polo shirt. Select a colour-coordinated leather belt and and there you have it – the perfect summer outfit.

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